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Learn what APIs and integrations are available. Explore the available APIs, view sample requests and responses, and collaborate with MCR IT resources to answer any questions.

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When ready to connect, contact the MCR Safety Integration Team and they will walk you through the onboarding process and assign your unique integration key.

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Now that you're connected, you can access MCR Safety data via our integration API's 365 days a year; 24 hours a day on your terms! Get detailed information on how to connect and make the API calls.

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Product Metadata API

A GraphQL based API allowing you to retrieve metadata for all MCR Safety Products. Metadata includes marketing descriptions, product and packaging weights and dimensions, UPC codes, product attributes, and more.

Start Now Metadata Properties & values

Our GraphQL APIs are designed to allow you to request exactly the data you need, reducing the amount of unnecessary data sent over the network. This results in faster times and reduced bandwidth usage.

You can specify the exact shape of the data you want, rather than relying on predefined endpoints with fixed response structures.

All of this provides a better experience, making it easier to understand and connect with MCR Safety!

POST /product-metadata

products {
items {
attributes {
measures {
marketingContent {
features {

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